My ‘Top 3 Secret Tools’ For Creating The Love Life of Your Dreams

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I’m so glad you found me!
You can finally exhale a sigh of relief!
No more endless hours spent in therapy and not getting results!
No more searching for the solution to the chaos of your love-life!
You can expect to find the solution to your dating and love-life dramas right here as you take a step towards…
Your Empowered Love Life

Hello my loves, I’m Ayódele O Kolade and I’m a Relationship Empowerment Coach. I assist single women in breaking free from unhealthy relationship habits that have kept them stuck in unhealthy relationships or that keep them attracting relationships that don’t serve them.

Specifically, I specialise in assisting women to:

  • Let go of unhealthy romantic relationship patterns, habits and behaviours

  • Feel ready to find, attract and maintain real, lasting, loving relationships

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, low self-worth and low self-esteem

  • Build confidence and ignite your passion for love and for life!

  • Let go of the need for control

  • Achieve your love-life goals and dreams…

And step into Your Empowered Love Life!